Big boss 6 Final List?

Big boss 6 Final List?

Big boss 6 Final List?

Bigboss 6: Is this the last rundown? ‘Bigg Boss’ is the best-unscripted TV drama in Telugu.

This show has effectively finished 5 seasons up to this point and presently it has entered its 6th season. Watchers are enthusiastically sitting tight for when this season will begin. The errands, selection, and end process in season 6 are as yet restless.


Big boss 6 Final List?

It appears to be that the 6th season will be a smidgen fierier than every one of the seasons. Too.. talk that there is no crash with debates. As per that, it appears to be that the candidates have been chosen for this show. Nagarjuna will have this show also.

The promotion of the equivalent is at present circulating. Bigg Boss season 6 will begin in a stupendous way from September 4. A piece of news is doing the rounds via web-based entertainment that this is the last rundown of ‘Bigg Boss 6’.

Be that as it may, currently chosen hopefuls will be shipped off isolation in Annapurna studio itself.

The contenders who will be shipped off the Bigg Boss terrific set on September 4 Sunday night will be shipped off the house solely after being saved in isolation for seven days.

Regardless of whether everything looks great with Corona, it is accounted for that quarantine game plans are being made for this present week, imagining that it will be troublesome assuming anybody in the house is upset.

In this season, a sum of 16 contenders will go into the house. Their names are becoming viral via online entertainment.

Bigg Boss 6 Contestants List 1. Ajay Kumar

2. Mitra Sharma

3. Morning

4. RJ Chaitu

5. Anil Rathore

6. Deepika Pilli


Big boss 6 Final List?


7. Amardeep Chaudhary

8. Shriman

9. Neha Chaudhary

10. RJ Surya

11. Adi Reddy

12. Nikhil Vijendra

13. Chalaki Chanti

14. Srisatya

15. Inaya Sultana

16. Pandu is the expert

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