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Ghanshyam Sir Bank Nifty 9.20 Option Trading Strategy Details

Ghanshyam Sir Bank Nifty 9.20 Option Trading Strategy Details:  Success in the fast-paced world of stock trading frequently depends on the effectiveness of one’s plan. Trading in Bank Nifty, a popular index derivative in the Indian stock market, necessitates a well-planned strategy that balances risk and possible profits. Ghanshyam, a seasoned trader, has designed a method that has gotten a lot of attention because of its simplicity and profitability. In this blog post, we will deconstruct Ghanshyam’s Bank Nifty trading method step by step.

Who is Ghanshyam Sir or Ghanshyam Trader?

Ghanashyam Trader is the epitome of the classic rags-to-riches story. He was born into a poor farming family and spent his childhood in the peaceful surroundings of Deoria, a small district in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, in the late 1980s. His youth was characterised by simplicity and hard work, and he learned the virtues of effort and perseverance through his family’s farming endeavours.

But destiny had other ideas for Ghanashyam. He made the life-changing decision to relocate to Mumbai in 2012. This change marked the start of an unbelievable adventure that would lead him to become a fantastic Bank Nifty Trader.

He swiftly acclimated to the fast-paced world of trading with unrelenting dedication and an inherent knack for the subtleties of financial markets.

Ghanashyam’s success in the trading world is a testimonial to his tenacity and natural aptitude. His journey from a humble rural childhood to becoming a successful trader in Mumbai’s vibrant financial metropolis exemplifies the power of ambition and the pursuit of one’s aspirations. His tale continues to inspire others to aim for the stars and demonstrate that with hard work and the appropriate opportunities, anyone can achieve extraordinary achievement.

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Understanding Bank Nifty 9.20 Option Trading Strategy by Ghanshyam Sir:

Ghanshyam’s strategy is built on the concept of identifying key price levels in the first 5-minute candle of the Bank Nifty’s trading session and making trading decisions based on their breach. Here are the main components of this strategy:

  1. Marking High and Low Levels: Start by observing the price movement in the Bank Nifty during the first 5 minutes of the trading session. Note the highest (high) and lowest (low) price levels reached during this initial period.
  2. Trading Direction: After establishing the high and low, Ghanshyam recommends that traders buy Puts or Calls based on the direction in which the Bank Nifty breaks these levels. If the Bank Nifty breaks the high, consider buying Calls; if it breaks the low, consider buying Puts.
  3. Setting Stop Loss: To manage risk, traders should place their stop loss orders at the high or low of the first 5-minute candle, depending on the trade’s direction. This provides a safety net in case the trade goes against them.
  4. Handling Large First Candles: If the first 5-minute candle is exceptionally large and the setup begins to fail, Ghanshyam suggests exiting the trade with a stop loss of about 70-80 points. This mitigates the potential losses in such cases.
  5. Avoiding Gap Openings: To avoid erratic market conditions, Ghanshyam advises traders not to enter a trade if the Bank Nifty gaps up or gaps down by more than 300 points. Gap openings can introduce unpredictable volatility and should be approached with caution.
  6. Mechanical Trading: Particularly in the initial stages of implementing this strategy, Ghanshyam encourages traders to follow it mechanically, without trying to apply subjective judgment. This approach can help maintain discipline and consistency.
  7. Position Sizing: To reduce exposure to excessive risk, it is recommended to keep position sizes small, typically not more than one or two lots. This ensures that market volatility does not spook traders out of their positions.
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Bank Ghanshyam The Nifty trading strategy is a methodical approach to trading that is based on technical analysis of the high and low of the first 5-minute candle. Using this method, traders may better handle the market’s ups and downs while minimising risk. Remember that, while Ghanshyam’s technique provides a systematic process, trading still carries inherent risks, thus careful research and practice are required before applying any trading strategy. Finally, with patience and attention, this method might be a valuable tool in your trading armoury.


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