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Shaitaan Movie Review

Shaitaan Movie Review


Shaitaan Movie Review


Directed by Vikas Bahl, Shaitaan is the rearmost horror film to hit the defenses.

Starring Ajay Devgn, Jyothika and Madhavan in supereminent places, the film has been largely anticipated by cult. still, after watching the film, it’s safe to say that Shaitaan fails to live up to its prospects.

The film revolves around a family who are scarified by an meddler from hell, played by Madhavan. He plays the part of Vanraj, a black magic dilettante who takes a teenage girl into his possession and traumatizes her and her family.


Shaitaan Movie Review

Shaitaan Movie Review


The stylish part of the film, according to film critic Anupama Chopra, is Madhavan’s performance as the meddler. He relishes his part as he mentally and physically tortures the helpless family.”Shaitaan A Half- Baked Horror Film That Fails to Deliver”

The film attempts to be a remake of the Gujarati film Was but falls short in numerous aspects. The first stumbling block is the mellow jotting by Amil Kean Khan. piecemeal from Vanraj, the other characters are general and warrant depth.

There’s little that makes them distinctive or intriguing. also, the plot becomes repetitious with Vanraj making the youthful girl do terrible effects while her distrait parents helplessly watch.

Director Vikas Bahl also fails to effectively produce fear or sustain a tone of creepiness throughout the film. Despite some unsettling scenes, the film is unfit to truly terrify its follower-ship.

Indeed without the black magic element, the idea of a strange man fastening so important attention on a youthful girl is nipping, but the film fails to explore this aspect effectively.

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Shaitaan also suffers from fallacious plot points and holes. For case, how long can a man stay conscious with a cutter through his hand?

And why does Vanraj need verbal authorization from parents before he can retain their daughters? These questions only add to the formerly weak plot of the film.

Shaitaan Movie Review

Shaitaan Movie Review


While Ajay Devgn and Jyothika deliver solid performances as the alarmed parents, it’s refreshing to see Madhavan in a different kind of part. still, by the climax, the film hits gemstone bottom and raises further questions than answers.

In conclusion, Shaitaan is a half- ignited horror film that fails to deliver on its pledge of spooking its followership. The film lacks a strong plot, intriguing characters, and fails to produce a sense offear.

However, you might want to give this bone a miss, If you are a addict of the horror kidney.”Shaitaan A Half- Baked Horror Film That Fails to Deliver”

What are your studies on Shaitaan? Have you seen the original Gujarati film Was? Let us know in the commentary below. And if you are planning on watching Shaitaan, make sure to keep your prospects in check.

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