Vendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu Movie Review by Hellomawa


Vendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu Movie Review by Hellomawa

Muthu (Shimbu) from Nidudavolu needs to go to Mumbai with his uncle for a task.

Yet, one day prior to going to Mumbai uncle ends it all. In such conditions, he arrives at Mumbai and finds a new line of work in a lodging that sells parathas.

Be that as it may, for the inn proprietor, there will be a battle for the strength of Mumbai for the Malayalis. In a specific order, Muthu joins Wear Karji’s right hand in Mumbai. He becomes hopelessly enamored with Pavani (Siddu Idnani) while floating into the Mumbai mafia realm.

What sort of circumstance did Simbu look in the battle between two groups connected with the Mumbai mafia? What sort of difficulties did Muthu look in the fight for control among Karji and Kuttubhai?



How far did adore accompany Pavani? How his manager Karji passed on in a class war. The account of the film Life of Muthu is the response to the inquiries of what sort of choice Muthu took after the demise of the chief.

With regards to the film Life of Muthu.. the story spins around the point that the existence of an everyday person named Muthu goes to the level of a mafia wear. The initial segment is exceptionally exhausting with outrageous stretch.

The paratha lodging episode is a major less for the film. Something like 30 minutes of the principal half of the film might have been something more.

What’s more, after the second piece of the story begins from the stretch bang, the startling turns and intriguing components will give the crowd another experience. The most recent 30 minutes of the film is new, personal and the entertainers’ exhibitions are the apex.




Chief Gautham Menon endeavored another kind not quite the same as his regular style. The approach to acting with new entertainers is noteworthy. How Simbu is depicted diversely is great.

Gautham, who bombed the primary stop, assumed command over the last part and managed quite well. If the main half had been managed well.. it appears to be that this film would have been a work of art in criminal motion pictures.

Simbu’s exhibition in the film Life of Muthu is an extraordinary fascination. He gave the best exhibition in his profession. Simbu is depicted in a person with three unique shades. We will see another Simbu. Furthermore, Siddi Idnani likewise got a decent job. Dazzled with the exhibition in the final part.

The other characters have done well for the story. Music and cinematography are features of the film Life of Muthu. The melodies are not extremely amazing however.. Rahman hits with the foundation score.




Rahman’s music turned into a unique fascination for each scene. The variety range utilized for the film is great. Altering is the less of this film. The more drawn out length has harmed the stream and feelings of the film. Fabricate values are great.

Life of Muthu is a film with adoration, activity, feelings and mass components. Shimbu limited show, Gautham taking, Rahman’s music are the positive parts of this film, the film is for quite some time, extended, absence of solid scenes in the primary half.

Shimbu’s acting, Gautham Menon’s acting, this film should be visible once in the theater for the dramatic experience.

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