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Ariana Grande’s ‘Timeless Daylight’ Goes through Second Week at No. 1

Ariana Grande’s ‘Timeless Daylight’ Goes through Second Week at No. 1


Ariana Grande’s ‘Timeless Daylight’ Goes through Second Week at No. 1

on Announcement 200 Outline In addition to: Kacey Musgraves and Justin Timberlake debut in the main five with their most recent endeavors.

Ariana Grande’s Everlasting Daylight spends a second week at No. 1 on the Bulletin 200 collections graph (dated Walk 30), subsequent to appearing on the count seven days prior. The set procured 100,500 identical collection units in the U.S. in the following week finishing Walk 21 (down 56%), as per Luminate.

It’s the third Grande collection to have logged an individual best fourteen days at No. 1. Her last two full-length studio sets, Positions (in 2020) and Express gratitude toward U, Next (2019), both spent their initial fourteen days at No. 1.

Timeless Daylight appeared at No. 1 on the Walk 23-dated list with 227,000 units acquired.

Additionally, Kacey Musgraves’ More profound Well beginnings at No. 2 with her greatest week ever by both comparable collection units and customary collection deals, while Justin Timberlake’s Beginning and end I Thought It Was dispatches at No. 4.

The Announcement 200 graph positions the most well known collections of the week in the U.S. in view of multi-metric utilization as estimated in identical collection units, ordered by Luminate.

Units involve collection deals, track comparable collections (TEA) and streaming identical collections (Ocean). Every unit approaches one collection deal, or 10 individual tracks sold from a collection, or 3,750 promotion upheld or 1,250 paid/membership on-request official sound and video transfers created by melodies from a collection.

Ariana Grande's 'Timeless Daylight' Goes through Second Week at No. 1

The new Walk 30, 2024-dated diagram will be posted in full on Board’s site on Tuesday (Walk 26). For all outline news, follow @billboard and @billboardcharts on both X, previously known as Twitter, and Instagram.

Of Everlasting Daylight’s 100,000 units procured in the following week finishing Walk 21, Ocean units contain 87,000 (down 41%, approaching 115.05 million on-request official surges of the set’s melodies), collection deals include 13,000 (down 56%) and TEA units involve 500 (down 84%).

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Kacey Musgraves’ More profound Well shakes things up, as it debuts at No. 2 on the Announcement 200 with 97,000 comparable collection units procured — her greatest week, by units, since the graph started positioning by that estimation in December 2014.

Further, of the collection’s first-week units, conventional collection deals involve 66,000 — Musgraves’ greatest deals week of all time.

Of More profound Well’s first-week unit amount of 97,000, customary collection deals involve 66,000 (it’s the top-selling collection of the week), Ocean units include 30,000 (approaching 38.06 million on-request official floods of the set’s tunes) and TEA units contain 1,000.

Ariana Grande’s ‘Timeless Daylight’ Goes through Second Week at No. 1

More profound Well is Musgraves’ most elevated diagramming collection since her presentation exertion, Same Trailer Different Park, appeared and crested at No. 2 out of 2013.

More profound Well is the fifth top 10-outlining exertion for Musgraves, and every one of them have begun in the main four of the positioning.

She recently visited the area with Star-Crossed (No. 3, 2021), Brilliant Hour (No. 4, 2018), Exhibition Material (No. 3, 2015) and Same Trailer Different Park (No. 2, 2013).

More profound Well’s first-week unit total outperforms Musgraves’ past high, by units procured, when Star-Crossed appeared with 77,000 units.

Also, More profound Well’s first-week deals figure is her best deals outline ever, beating the 55,000 that Event Material sold in its most memorable week.

The new collection was driven by a couple of graphing tracks on Bulletin’s Hot Blue grass Melodies outline: the title track (coming to No. 26 in February) and “Unrealistic” (No. 41 prior in Spring).

Ariana Grande's 'Timeless Daylight' Goes through Second Week at No. 1

More profound is Musgraves’ most memorable collection starting around 2021, while in 2023 she scored her greatest graph hit ever on the Hot Down home Melodies and all-kind Announcement Hot 100 diagrams, when Zach Bryan’s “I Remember Everything,” on which she’s highlighted, beat the two counts.

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The tune, her most memorable pioneer on the two records, was delivered on Bryan’s self-named 2023 collection, yet isn’t on More profound.

Musgraves upheld the collection send off with appearances on NBC’s The This evening Show Featuring Jimmy Fallon (Walk 14), NBC’s Today (Walk 15) and SiriusXM’s The Howard Harsh Show (Walk 18).

Before the collection’s delivery on Walk 15, Musgraves was the melodic visitor on the Walk 2 episode of NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

More profound Well’s first-week deals were upheld by its accessibility across nine vinyl variations, including eight different-shaded renditions and elite versions for Amazon, Spotify and Target.

Altogether, the collection sold 37,000 duplicates on vinyl — the top-selling vinyl set of the week, Musgraves’ greatest deals week ever on vinyl, the biggest vinyl seven day stretch of 2024, and the fourth-biggest week for a down home collection on vinyl since Luminate started following deals in 1991. (The main greater deals a long time on vinyl for country sets were totally enlisted by Taylor Quick’s re-accounts.)

More profound Very much was likewise given in four different Disc renditions, three unique computerized versions (two were selective to her webstore — one with a reward track, and one more with a similar reward track an other cover craftsmanship) and as a tape.

Morgan Wallen’s outline besting Each Thing In turn slips 2-3 on the new Bulletin 200, pushed down with a 3% addition to 70,000 comparable collection units procured.

Justin Timberlake gets back to the Announcement 200 with his most memorable collection in more than six years, as All that I Naturally suspected It Was begins at No. 4.

The set opens with 67,000 comparable collection units acquired and denotes Timberlake’s 6th sequential top five-diagramming exertion — the whole of his performance discharges, which incorporates four No. 1s.

Of Everything’s first-week unit amount of 67,000, customary collection deals contain 41,000, Ocean units involve 24,000 (approaching 31.13 million on-request official surges of the set’s melodies) and TEA units include 2,000.

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The new collection was begun by the single “Egotistical,” which crested at No. 19 on the Announcement Hot 100 dated Feb. 10.

The track has likewise arrived at the main 20 of the Radio Tunes, Pop Airplay, Grown-up Pop Airplay, Grown-up Contemporary and Musical Airplay diagrams.

All that’s delivery was introduced by a much-hummed around one-off show at The Wiltern in Los Angeles (Walk 13).

The show highlighted an unexpected get-together with his *NSYNC bandmates, with the gathering playing a variety of hits and the new Everything track “Heaven.”

Timberlake likewise turned up on NPR’s Little Work area series on Walk 15 for a half-drawn out show. Prior in the week, on Walk 11, he played out the collection’s “No Holy messengers” on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Everything’s first-week deals were supported by its accessibility across four different vinyl variations (counting special features for Amazon, Target and his webstore), four unique choice Compact disc boxed sets (each with a piece of marked dress and a Cd) and a standard Cd.

Noah Kahan’s Stick Season falls 3-5 on the new Board 200 with 46,000 identical collection units acquired (down 5%). Five previous No. 1s balance the other top 10, as SZA’s SOS plunges 5-6 (43,000; down 4%), Quick’s Darling trips 9-7 (41,000; up 6%), Bryan’s self-named collection falls 6-8 (40,000; down 2%), Quick’s 1989 (Taylor’s Variant) dives 8-9 (almost 40,000; up 3%) and Ye (previously known as Kanye West) and Ty Dolla $ign’s Vultures 1 drops 4-10 (39,000; down 13%).

Luminate, the free information supplier to the Board graphs, finishes a careful survey of all information entries utilized in gathering the week after week outline rankings.

Luminate surveys and verifies information. In association with Bulletin, information considered dubious or mysterious is eliminated, utilizing laid out measures, before conclusive diagram computations are made and distributed.

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