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Saindhav Movie Premier Show US Review

Daggubati Victory ✋ Venkatesh’s prestigious 25th film in his career, the rarest movie Saindhav (Saindhav Movie) was released as a Sankranthi gift to the followership.

But the movie completed its premiere first and the first talk came out from there.

The story point wasn’t revealed fully but.

The idol needs an injection worth 17 crores to save his daughter under all circumstances, the idol has a terrible flashback.

It’s said that what the idol did to earn that plutocrat in a short time and what’s the story after that’s the original story of the film.

It’s said that Venkatesh in Saindhav Character impressed in a serious part and showed his mark again in the novelistic scenes.

First Off story started with family occurrences and took a serious turn and progressed as if it did not count.

It’s said that there will be an advertisement of part 2, ending so that the overall ending time of the movie, which goes off the tracks from the pre-climax occasions, doesn’t count.

Now I have to say that the movie seems to be above average position.

They say that one can watch the movie formerly for Victory ✌️ Venkatesh’s excellent performance and some good emotional scenes.

But overall, after completing the premieres, the talk is heard at an above average position.

Now we’ve to see what kind of talk the movie will get from the followership to the regular shows.

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