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Hanuman Telugu Movie 2024 Review and IMDB Rating

Hanuman Telugu Movie 2024 Review and IMDB Rating


Hanuman Telugu Movie 2024 Review and IMDB Rating

Movie: Hanuman
Rating : 3/5
Starring: Teja Sajja, Amrita Iyer, Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar, Vinay, Samudra Khani, Satya, Vennela Kishore etc.
Music : Anudeep Dev
Directed by: Prashanth Verma
Producer: S. Niranjan Reddy, K. Niranjan Reddy.


Story : Hanuman lives with his elder Sister Anjamma (Varalakshmi Sarathkumar) in the village of Anjanadri (fictional) as his parents died when he was young and Hanuman is brought up by his elder sister Meenakshi who studies in his village school.

Now Palega is in control of the town and robbing the people of the village and killing those who oppose him in wrestling matches. Hanuman who tries to save Meenakshi who questioned him by killing him with his men accidentally falls into the sea.

Therefore, Uri turns back and defeats him. On the other hand, Michael, who has dreamed of becoming a superhero since childhood, has one. In the video, Hanuman comes to Anjanadri after knowing that he has super powers. Hanuman Telugu Movie 2024 Review and IMDB Rating

After knowing that Hanuman got the powers from Mani near him, in the process of getting it, Michael kills Hanuman sister. You have to watch the movie to know that.

Hanuman Telugu Movie 2024 Review and IMDB Rating

Hanuman Telugu Movie 2024 Review and IMDB Rating

Analysis: No one had high expectations when this movie started but when Prabhas’s Adi Purush movie failed and the graphics of the movie became a target of trolls, then when the Hanuman movie teaser was released, they were shocked at the quality and since then the buzz started on this movie.

That buzz till the release of the trailer. At the same time, the construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya was also a plus for this film, so this film took a pan India turn.

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But if the movie is really entertaining then it almost gets pass marks. Especially the first half of the movie starts slowly but once the hero gets super powers the movie entertains the audience fully.

The first half of the audience will be satisfied with that especially the fight of the hero before the interval bang that is Hanuman. Hanuman Telugu Movie 2024 Review and IMDB Rating

The design of Lankalo sitting on top with his tail wrapped around it, the graphics worked out very well. In the first half, the songs and comedy also worked out well, on the other hand, the graphics are also of good quality, so there are no major complaints.

Hanuman Telugu Movie 2024 Review and IMDB Rating


Hanuman Telugu Movie 2024 Review and IMDB Rating


But after the start of the second half, the film slowly started to fall off the graph, especially after the death of Hanuman Sister, there is a doubt that the film will go on the emotional track, but again the hero is brought into action and the director brings momentum to the film.

It is only to reveal, but if the role had a slightly bigger actor, the range of the film would have increased. Hanuman Telugu Movie 2024 Review and IMDB Rating

At the end, the audience gets a kind of high when Hanuman himself comes down, but the background music that comes at that time will definitely bring blessings to the devotees of Rama and Hanuman.

But the story is single for the second half. Walking in a thread makes you know that there is not much in the story.

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But some elevations that the director has put in the second half and also about Hanuman as he said about Krishna in Karthikeya 2, the graphics that come at that time also do not seem too dull as the audience likes Hanuman.

The makers are sure to make a hit with this movie as it is truly admirable to make a quality film with a small hero earning almost a mid-range hero.

Actors: As Hanuman, Teja Sajja acted well as an innocent village boy. His performance in comedy and emotional scenes is impressive and he shines even more.

This movie is like a good foundation for Teja Sajja as a young hero, depending on the result of this movie in North India, it has to be seen whether he will become a Pan India star in the future or not.

And Varalakshmi Sarathkumar showed her experience in the role of the older sister and she acted well in the fight that was put on her. Vinay seemed to be the same as the villain.

Comedians Satya and Getup Srinu and Vennela Kishore’s comedy is the same. Samudra Khani was not enough for the role of Vibhishana, it would have been better if a bigger actor was taken for that role. Graphics Hanuman is very popular with children.

Hanuman Telugu Movie 2024 Review and IMDB Rating

Hanuman Telugu Movie 2024 Review and IMDB Rating


Technical Departments: If we want to talk about this movie, we should talk about the graphics because it has become the talk of the industry right from the teaser, but it can be said that the quality of the movie is good and the graphics have been given very well for the budget of the movie.

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Especially the scenes in Anjanadri village where the statue of Hanuman gets super powers, the graphics in the climax are more like Hanuman. The marks are there hits The cameraman work is as good as the movie and there are no major complaints.

And the art direction is perfect. Also, although the songs are very impressive in the music, the background music is mostly from the movie

Elevation kept the mood and brought good excitement in the scenes. There were no big sparks in the dialogues, they were suitable for the scenes. The story was settled in the second half.

If a little exercise was done there, the film would have been at the next level. Greatly reduced.Hanuman Telugu Movie 2024 Review and IMDB Rating

Finally, if the director wants to say that Prashant Varma, who has chosen a different path from his first film, is making such a quality film with a low budget, it is a great thing that if he gets a bigger budget, he will do wonders.

Let’s hope that the budget will be found and then he will make a next level film.


Hanuman Telugu Movie 2024 Review and IMDB Rating

Plus Points:
The Hanuma factor
Superpowers scenes in the first half
Some comedy scenes in the first half
Interval bang scene
In the second half, the creation scene of Hanuma behind Rama
Graphics Hanuman in the climax

Minus Points:
The first half is the first half hour stretch
The superpowers scenes are not that great
The movie is dull in the second half
Not getting the right actors for key roles (Vibhishanudu & Villain).

Final Thought: Arrival of Hanuman!!!!

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